ServiceNow – Print/Export a Complex Visual Task Board

ServiceNow has a cool feature called Visual Task Board. It’s an implementation of a Kanban Board and you can read about it here. This makes life so much easier and the Team can pretty much manage the standup / 1:1 meetings. I have such board setup with 7 lanes and several 100 cards. End of the month, I wanted to save the contents of the board to a PDF for posterity. This is where it became a little complicated. The OOTB print function produces an output that wasn’t presentable.

The steps outlined in this document may change with ServiceNow’s implementation in a future release, but you get the idea.

What you need

  • Internet Explorer and it’s Developer Toolbar
  • SnagIt
  • Dual Monitor (for a large Dashboard)
  1. Open Internet Explorer and Navigate to your VTB. Expand it over as many monitors as you need so that you see all the content horizontally. We will work on a fix to get the vertical content in step 2.
  2. Open F12 Developer Tools from the Tools menu or Press F12. Follow these 2 steps to edit the body tag and adjust the height of the div tag as shown below.



3. We now have a window that shows all of the content. Capture the window using SnagIt or any other tool that supports scrolling at this point and capture the page. I then saved it png / pdf formats.

Hope this helps till ServiceNow implements a feature to export this Dashboard in its entirety.