Recover Unencrypted Password using WinDBG

Interesting challenge at work today. A colleague of mine wanted to recover a password saved as part of an application’s configuration. The Administrator who had setup this Server was no longer with the Team!

I tried a couple of options, but listing the one that worked.

01-Cognos Password Screen

Launched the Application and had the particular window with the Password prompt open. This Configuration utility was loading each section dynamically.

After the configuration window was loaded and visible, the next step was to take a FULL memory dump (using Process Explorer).

Using WinDBG, searched for the username as shown below. The command does an ASCII Search from the base address to the maximum address (32 bit). Refer to the documentation for 64 bit syntax.

s -a 0 L?80000000 “Your Text”

02-Ascii String Search

Press ALT + 5 or Goto View | Memory menu.

03-View Memory

Typing the address as displayed in the ASCII search above. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a section of memory that had the unencrypted configuration with the username / password right next to each other. The security risk this might have posed is another topic


I also noticed that the other database credentials were not part of this memory dump. I had to redo these steps from the beginning to recover the other passwords. There were numerous other passwords that had to be recovered, but that is for another post.



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